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Unified Communication Solution

Unified Communications Is The Integration Of Voice, Data And Video Communications With Internal And External Partners, With Unified Communications Tools, Businesses Are Able To Connect To Anyone On Any Device From Anywhere. Collaboration Through Unified Communication Greatly Enhances Efficiency And Productivity While Reducing Costs For Enterprises Of All Sizes.


VoIP (Voice Over IP) Office Solutions

Settings and Requirements

Smart offices accommodate the demand for convenient communication and collaboration anytime and anywhere.


Key features include :

  • - High-quality phones that are easy to operate
  • - Support for multiple applications for various business settings
  • - Integration with office software, implementation of collaborative work
  • - Support for mobile workers unbounded from an office setting


Solutions and Advantages :

  • - Yealink designed the T5 series Smart Media Phones specifically for smart offices. The phone is equipped with a seven-inch or larger high-definition LCD capacitive touch screen that supports multi-point touch for extraordinary control.The interaction is meticulously designed for business use and user friendliness. The “what you see is what you get” graphical operation design is user friendly and easy to operate.

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Value created by Yealink

  • - Physical hardware: Yealink solutions use hardware endpoints to ensure clear and stable audio-video quality. Industrial-grade Sony chips implement 1080P30 full high-definition image quality and auxiliary sharing. CD-quality audio and a 360-degree voice pickup range help to create meetings with face-to-face quality. A 12X optical zoom camera accurately captures fine details on documents and objects during a conference, making it much easier to conduct business.
  • - Built-in MCU: The built-in eight-channel MCU easily handles the multiple video conferencing needs of most small- and medium-sized enterprises.
  • - Comprehensive endpoints: We cover the full range of business needs, including small conference room video conferencing all-in-one devices, main conference room video conferencing systems, large conference room video conferencing terminals, desktop video conferencing phones, PC software, and mobile iOS and Android Apps.
  • - Easy management, usage, and deployment: Yealink’s cloud management service platform makes internal network traversal and business contact management easier than ever. Employees can register accounts on multiple devices (such as video conferencing terminals, PCs and mobile devices) to achieve interconnection and communication. Video conferencing is as simple as using your smartphone.
  • - Widely compatible: Yealink is seamlessly compatible with mainstream video conferencing platforms and provides unimpeded communication between upstream and downstream supply chains.

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