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Network Audit and Implementation

A Good IT infrastructure is the key to maintain a steady business process. However, when the infrastructure get larger, we just need to make it operate as soon as possible without doing documentation, designing and consider of how poorly it will get. Our team will help to audit, design, implement and maintain your network for your future scaleable networks.



Our Technical will visit the site and do inspect every machine, they will monitor and see the bottleneck of the network without interrupting business process . Our Technical also will see where the problem, what kind of application are installed in your PC, and what is your highest load activity that make your network is slow.


After the evaluation process is complete then all the survey results will be processed into a network topology that suits your condition, from the topology our team will implement IT network in your company from cabling management, network configuration and testing phase.

For the testing phase we will prepare our support team onsite around 1-4 weeks (depend on network complexity) to ensure that the new network configuration can run without disturbing the business process.