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Efective & Secure Printing Solution

Color Printing Is A Great Business Tool, It Makes Your Marketing Collateral, Presentations, And Proposals Sing. But Unnecessary Color Printing Can Be Costly. So Rely On These Solution You Can Keep Your Color Printing Budget In The Green And Also Our Printing Solutions Are Designed To Work Together With Security Monitoring And Management Solutions To Help Reduce Risk, Improve Compliance, And Protect You Network From End To End.











Effectively Manage Color Printing to Save Resources

Color printing is a great business tool - it makes your marketing collateral, presentations, and proposals sing. But unnecessary color printing can be costly. So rely on these management tools from HP to keep your color printing budget in the green.

You set the limits
with tools to manage color printing.

It's more important than ever to use color effectively and cost-efficiently across your organization. HP can help you :

  • Actively monitor use to find out who's printing in color, determine your best printer placement, and meet your needs for supplies.
  • Strategically limit access to color printing to help manage print costs.
  • Effectively track print costs to bill specific clients or departments for color printing.

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HP Solutions for Print Security

Only 18% of companies monitor printers for threats. How about yours?

  • Recognise Hidden Risks
    It is continually tasked with protecting confidential information, including employee identities and costumer data , across multiple devices and environments. Although many IT departments rigorously apply security measures to individual computers and the network, printing and imaging devices are often overlooked and left exposed. When there are unsecured devices, the entire network can be exposed to a cybersecurity attack.
  • Understand Potential Costs
    Even one security breach has the potential to be costly. If private information is jeopardised due to unsecured printing and imaging, the ramifications could include identity theft, stolen competitive information, a tarnished brand image and reputation, and litigation. Plus, regulatory and legal noncompliance can result in heavy fines.
  • HP can help
    Defend your network with the world's most secure printing - including devices that can automatically detect and stop an attack. HP can help you automate device, data, and document protections with a broad portfolio of solutions. Our print security experts can help you develop and deploy an end-to-end imaging and printing security strategy.