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We are here to provide best solutions and services in field of :

Electrical & Network Power Backup

Power outage can happen at any time and lot of company want the assurance that a backup power system offers. Ensure your company electrical and network system will work in severe weather conditions, grid failure and brown outs with our backup electrical & network power solution.


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Network audit and implementation

A Good IT infrastructure is the key to maintain a steady business process. However, when the infrastructure get larger, we just need to make it operate as soon as possible without doing documentation, designing and consider of how poorly it will get. Our team will help to audit, design and maintain your network for your future scaleable networks.


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Data Protection & Storage Solution

Your business runs 365 days a year, your systems run 24/7, your data is needed in real-time. Ensure your business continuity by proactively protect your systems and data against disasters of all types and also ensure you need data backup, recovery and business continuity for local, virtual and cloud environments, within a single platform.


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Unified Communication Solution

Unified Communications is the integration of voice, data and video communications with internal and external partners, with Unified Communications tools, businesses are able to connect to anyone on any device from anywhere. Collaboration through Unified Communication greatly enhances efficiency and productivity while reducing costs for enterprises of all sizes.


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Surveillance Monitoring & Data Analysis

Technology is developing very fast, nowadays surveillance system (CCTV System) is not only used to monitor your company to keep it safe but also media which is used to produce data analysis which will be processed into information needed by every part in company.


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Efective & Secure Printing Solution

Color printing is a great business tool, it makes your marketing collateral, presentations, and proposals sing. But unnecessary color printing can be costly. So rely on these solution you can keep your color printing budget in the green and also our printing solutions are designed to work together with security monitoring and management solutions to help reduce risk, improve compliance, and protect you network from end to end.


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Our Recent Projects

PT. Surya Multi Indopack

Packaging Company


Network Power Backup (UPS) supply and installation .
Location : East Java

Universitas Negeri Jember



Supply & installations Smart Cabinet Emerson
(UPS Server PAC) in 1 system.
Location : EastJava

PT. Dwi Putra Sakti

Jeans Manufacturing


Network Auditing, Design and Implementation.
Location : EastJava

PT. Multi Megah Mandiri

Sock Manufacturing


IP Camera, Networking Management.
Location : West Java